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Sravya Penubarti

Sravya Penubarti

Counselling Psychologist

English, Telugu

nxiety, Self -esteem, Relationship Concerns, Attachment Issues, Trauma

Meet your friendly neighbourhood practitioner, Sravya. Her practice is devoted to her clients, where she practises a client centred approach, assuring that she can provide tailor suited solutions to her clients. She is an feminist, and adopts an intersectional approach in her feminist ideals. She also is adept at using trauma informed therapy. Her practice is not only limited to these ideals, but also provides queer affirmative therapy. Apart from therapy, she also enjoys yoga, and works as a yoga trainer as well. If Sravya feels like the therapeutic companion you need, drop in a message and begin your mental health journey today!

Language : English, Telugu

Areas of expertise : Anxiety, Self -esteem, Relationship Concerns, Attachment Issues, Trauma

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