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Hashir Ahammed

Hashir Ahammed

Counselling Psychologist

English, Malayalam, Hindi

Stress, Relationship Problems, OCD, Addiction, Anxiety, Clinical Depression

Meet Hashir, a therapist that is a true proponent of the eclectic approach in therapy. He does not believe in adopting a unidimensional approach to providing therapy, but combines elements of different approaches, to be able to come up with the best solution to your troubles. If you too do not confine yourself to fixed boundaries, and love to explore and look at things from multiple perspectives, give Hashir a chance to get to know you and support you through your mental health journey. 

Language : English, Malayalam, Hindi 

Areas of expertise : Stress, Relationship Problems , OCD, Anxiety, Sub Clinical Depression, Addiction Councelling

Years of experience : 4+

Educational background : Msc Clinical Psychology, Dip in Community Mental Health

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