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Postpartum Depression

“This is an illness that takes away a woman’s ability to access joy…right at the time she needs it the most.” -Dr. Katherine Wiser

The birth of a baby can trigger a range of powerful emotions in a mother, from joy and excitement to stress and anxiety. Sometimes, however, it also results in depression. This is known as postpartum depression.


This is generally experienced after childbirth. It includes mood swings, anxiety, problems sleeping, excessive crying, hopelessness etc. It is normal for the mother to experience this till up to two weeks after childbirth. However, if the symptoms last longer than that then they need help.


Professionals use psychotherapy, medications etc to help you deal with this. They also help you manage your suicidal tendencies etc. They help you cope with your feelings, set realistic goals and responses to the situation in a positive manner. 

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