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Healthy Communication

Healthy communication

Healthy communication is the effective exchange of thoughts and feelings between people.

When you engage in healthy communication, the people involved should be completely committed to the exchange. Both parties are aware of their actions during the conversation.

Importance of healthy communication 

It is essential for long-term relationships and increases intimacy in relationships. During a disagreement, if you use healthy communication methods, you are more likely to find common ground and better your relationships. 

Healthy communication and how it works

It's important to understand how to approach healthy communication and how to adjust your communication style based on the situation. The best way to communicate depends on the situation.

If one person becomes unresponsive to a softer communication style when addressing a serious matter, you may need to be more direct. For everyday relationship problems, however, an approach centred on affection, forgiveness, and validation can be beneficial.

Healthy communication looks different in every relationship, it takes patience and hardwork but eventually it's always worth it. For healthy communication to actually work it takes all participants in a relationship, and they all need to mutually want the relationship and do their part.

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