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About YC

Yellow Club is your perfect mental health partner. Our core mission is to make mental healthcare accessible and affordable to all, complemented by our vision for a society that bases itself on empathy and mutual support between individuals.

Since its inception as a subset of the popular Instagram testimonial page ‘@officialhumansofkeralam’, Yellow Club has been working relentlessly to fight the culturally rooted stigma towards mental health in India, and this fight is at the core of our mission for happiness. We began the journey down this difficult road by hosting mental health workshops in major South Indian cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai and Bangalore. Our first ever workshop was held at the Donut Factory, Panampally Nagar in Kochi on the occasion of World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2019). The workshop was led by psychiatrist Dr. Sanju George and 40 enthusiastic participants turned up to participate in the activities and discussions. 

Ever since, we have rapidly boosted our social media presence in a bid to use popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread our message. While engaging in our conversations, we encountered the core issues around MH in the country, which was the ‘Accesssibility’ and ‘Affordability’ of the service, decided ourselves to work on solving these core issues. For the first few months, we worked on it by initiating workshops and group sessions all around the country.

Our Team

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